Adobe Digital Editions

To read eBooks in PDF format or download library eBooks on your PC or laptop, we recommend the free Adobe Digital Editions application.

If you are using an eReader device you will need this application to enable you to read library eBooks on your device via your computer.


Downloading Adobe Digital Editions

Step 1.

Visit and click 'Download Now'. Note: This link also has system requirements and other useful information on this application.

Step 2.

Register for an Adobe membership and authorise your device with an Adobe ID (required if you wish to use multiple devices to read eBooks).

If you already have an existing Adobe ID, open Adobe Digital Editions and skip ahead to Step 3.
If not you will need to create a free Adobe ID first.

a. Go to the Adobe ID page, fill in the form and click 'Create'.

Step 3.

Activate Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID. This is the email address and password you used when you created your membership.

The first time you run Adobe Digital Editions, you are prompted to authorise the application by entering this ID. If you are not prompted click 'Help' on the top left of ADE and scroll down to 'Authorize this computer', then enter your details.

Step 4.

Now if you download a library eBook the Adobe Digital Editions application will open automatically. See benefits and features of this application.

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How to return an eBook early through Adobe Digital Editions

To return an eBook early using Adobe Digital Editions. Firstly make sure Adobe Digital Editions is open.

Step 1.

View your bookshelf and find the title that you wish to return early.

Step 2.

Place your cursor over the item you are wanting to return and right click. From the drop down box that appears, select 'Return Borrowed Item'.